All About Forest Bathing

What is Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing can also be referred to as Forest Therapy.  The term Forest Bathing is derived from the Japanese term Shinrin Yoku with refers to “bathing in” the healing atmosphere of the forest.  To put it another way, it involves taking in the healing provided by the natural world (and to answer the question everyone has, there are no actual baths involved smile). It is a slow, guided walk in nature that calms the mind, awakens all of the senses and creates a sense of peace and feelings of interconnectedness. It is not exercise, hiking or a naturalist style walk.  Rather, it is a practice which involves slowing down and being present to one’s surroundings.  Walks are typically 2.5 - 3 hours in length.   As a certified guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, I have been trained to facilitate safe and gentle walks which include invitations for sensory opening activities along the way.

Wellness is an important part of Forest Therapy. Much research has been done on the restorative benefits of Forest Therapy and time spent in nature. Hundreds of clinical and non-clinical studies have been done and show numerous potential positive effects including reductions in stress, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, anger, and pain. Improvements noted include better cognitive functioning, sleep, mood, confidence, and creativity. Time with nature also boosts our immune systems, regulates blood pressure, improves relationships, increases feelings of gratitude and so much more.

Forest Therapy also offers an opportunity for improving relationships between people and with our natural world.

Forest Bathing in Cypress Hills with Overtime Studios

Top 3

Benefits of Forest Bathing

Physical Health

Physical Health


Reduces blood pressure & heart rate
Strengthens immune system
Improved concentration and memory
Reduces stress
Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health
Improved cognition
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Mental Health

Mental Health


Reduces anxiety and depression
Increases feelings of peace and calm
Increases feelings of gratitude
Improves mood
Improves critical thinking
Improves decision making
Reduces anger
Calms the nervous system
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Forest Bathing Connections


Deepens connection with the natural world
Can help restore healthier relationship with self
Can increase empathy
Connects us to our creativity
Connecting to our intuition
Reconnection to our true nature
Reconnects us to our sense of play and curiosity
Remembering that we are a part of nature and not separate from it
Sharing in the experience of connecting to nature with others
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